Venezuela: US travel ban an opinion 'strategy'

Venezuela: US travel ban an opinion 'strategy'

Venezuela: US travel ban an opinion 'strategy'

The addition of new countries to the extended USA travel ban, including Venezuela, is an act of "political and psychological terrorism", the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Speaking at the United Nations General Assembly on Monday, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza said Trump had threatened the Venezuelan people, and that USA economic sanctions were illegal and meant to make people suffer and "undertake non-democratic changes in our system of government".

Last week, Trump warned North Korea from the same lectern that its current course could lead to its "total destruction".

If the countries that have relations with the U.S., such as Chad, Libya and Yemen, take appropriate measures to address the US's concerns then they could be removed from the list, according to the order.

Venezuela's government has faced worldwide criticism since the country's Supreme Court gutted the opposition-controlled congress in March. Recently, a new constitutional assembly composed entirely of government loyalists has gone after Maduro's political opponents.

Trump administration readies new order to replace travel ban
Trump had called for a "total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States " during his election campaign. The United States then shared those benchmarks with every country in the world and gave them 50 days to comply.

The US-Venezuela relations have deteriorated amid a harsh political crisis in the Latin American country.

Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Venezuela and Yemen are all now subject to USA travel bans.

"This corrupt regime destroyed a prosperous nation by imposing a failed ideology", Trump said of the socialist country.

Venezuela's top diplomat says U.S. President Donald Trump acted "as if he were the world's emperor" at the United Nations last week. Student and exchange visas will still be granted in the case of Iran, while the ban suspends mostly government officials from Venezuela.

Venezuela's government, the White House said, "is uncooperative in verifying whether its citizens pose national security or public-safety threats".

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In regards to USA imposed sanctions on his nation, Arreaza noted that the measures aim to provoke undemocratic change in the Bolivarian government, emphasizing that the United States had absolutely no moral ground to stand on in respect to police and human rights abuses detailing abuses against Indigenous, African-American and immigrant populations in the United States.

Trump has explained the decision to update the restrictions by prioritizing the country's security and said that the United States would not admit people it could not "safely vet".

Maduro responded last week from Caracas by calling Trump "the new Hitler" of global politics and accusing Trump of threatening to assassinate him, though Trump did not say that.

"For the moment, it has not been possible, but the will is there", Arreaza said. But he says: "If we are attacked, we will respond in the same field".

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