FTII Needs Good Administrator, Not Good Actor: Gajendra Chauhan

FTII Needs Good Administrator, Not Good Actor: Gajendra Chauhan

FTII Needs Good Administrator, Not Good Actor: Gajendra Chauhan

After nearly two years of his controversial tenure, Mahabharat actor Gajendra Chauhan is set to be replaced as FTII chairman by veteran actor Anupam Kher.

A veteran actor, Anupam Kher has won many national and worldwide awards, including the "Filmfare Award for Best Performance in a Comic Role" five times. "In FTII, it's more important to be a good administrator than a good actor", Mr Chauhan told IANS.

Besides being one of the busiest actors of the era - Kher has appeared in over 500 films - he was also extremely malleable.

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Chauhan, whose appointment to the post in June 2015 was opposed by FTII students, demitted office in March 2017.

"I would like to thank the government and the Information and Broadcasting Ministry", she said. They felt that Chauhan lacked the vision to head a prestigious institution like FTII.

Not only students at FTII, Gajendra Chauhan's appointment was criticised by the political parties too. The CAG report, which was submitted in Parliament has a line, 'The best work at FTII was done under the chairmanship of Gajendra Chauhan.' That's like a certification of my work.

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"Rohit Kumar, General Secretary, FTII Students" Body said that the students' body will come up with an official response by the evening. He also has his own acting institute Actor Prepares. However, Kumar stated that he does not see any difference between the appointment of Kher and that of Chauhan as the primary qualification seems to be their proximity to BJP or RSS. The decision to appoint Nihalani, who is an open supporter of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, raised several eyebrows.

In January 2016, FTII students - both present and former - had protested against Chauhan's appointment and even boycotted classes for 139 days.

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