Kindle Oasis 2 vs Oasis: What's new in the 2017 model?

Kindle Oasis 2 vs Oasis: What's new in the 2017 model?

Kindle Oasis 2 vs Oasis: What's new in the 2017 model?

Amazon has also added Bluetooth to this model. Why?

It's the second Oasis-branded Kindle, following in the original's footsteps. The prices for those devices are £229 and £259 respectively (the original was £269.99, so you're now getting less for more). "Its thin, light and waterproof design allows readers to stay engaged in the author's world in even more places than ever before".

A refreshed version of the Kindle Oasis sports an aluminum back and larger screen, is waterproof and is a little less costly than the e-reader it succeeds. (Calling last year's model Oasis when it wasn't waterproofed, or even water-resistantis nearly insulting to Amazon's customers.) The new e-reader has been tested in two meters of water for up to 60 minutes.

The device, which weighs 194 grams (0.4lbs) can be pre-ordered now and will ship on 31 October. Instead you can find covers to protect your Kindle, but there are no battery cases available for this model. The back of the new Oasis is also made of aluminum, unlike the 2016 version, and it's the first and only waterproof Kindle. That's double the base storage of previous Kindles, which Amazon says is to accommodate the storage of audio books.

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For cases you'll have the choice of water-safe fabric covers for £39.99 (about $50, AU$70) or more premium-feel leather options for £54.99 (about $70, AU$90). That means it can fit 30 percent more words than before and Amazon says page turns are even faster.

If you already procured a new Kindle a year ago, you're in luck, too.

That same Audible support is coming to the previous Oasis and the standard 8th-generation Kindle as well, so you can switch between text and audio versions of the same book as you like.

There's no 3.5mm headphone jack, which means you won't be able to listen to audiobooks with wired headphones and that will be a bit of a shame for some people. The new Kindle Oasis 2017 keeps the asymmetric form-factor of its predecessor but does away with that model's removable battery cover.

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It also has Audible built in, so you can listen to audiobooks through Bluetooth-enabled speakers and headphones - sadly there's no in-built speaker - and should last for weeks off a single charge.

But for now, at least, there's a new Kindle you can drop in the bath, the hot tub, or wherever else you enjoy your ebooks when you need a break from the internet.

If it's waterproofing you want, there's the Kobo Aura H20, which has a 6.8in high-resolution display, IPX8 waterproofing and costs £80 less, but the flip side is that it doesn't have access to the Kindle ebook store.

It's still expensive though and we'd only recommend buying the Kindle Oasis (2017) if you're going to be using your ereader a lot.

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