Moving wildfires ravage Northern California's wine country

Moving wildfires ravage Northern California's wine country

Moving wildfires ravage Northern California's wine country

A deadly and unprecedented swarm of wildfires that broke out Sunday night and Monday morning - two in heavily populated areas of Sonoma and Napa counties that have not been touched by wildfires in modern memory - continues to burn in Northern California, and the combined events are sure to go down as among the most deadly and destructive in state history.

"The fact that we've been able to save as many [homes] as we have is remarkable", said Daron Wyatt, with Anaheim Fire and Rescue.

The reports have come via calls to a hotline the county set up for the missing, according to Scott Alonso, communications director for Sonoma County. The Napa and Sonoma valleys are where the best wine in the state is produced.

"We have a subscription service where we can alert our residents, and we did that right away, trying to notify everybody where the fire was, where it was going and how fast it was going, and I think it saved a lot of lives", Crum said.

A burnt tree stands amidst the destroyed Journey's End Mobile Home Park during the Tubbs Fire in Santa Rosa, California, U.S., October 9, 2017.

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None of the blazes had been contained as of that time, Cal Fire spokesman Jonathan Cox said. Homes and businesses of residents not associated with the industry have seen extensive damage. Little is known yet about the full extent of damage. According to the company's Facebook page, everyone evacuated safely.

Many wineries - faced with heavy consolidation among retailers and distributors, as well as fierce competition - now raise revenue through tasting rooms and direct-to-consumer sales, according to the Wine Institute, drawing aficionados, couples on dates and bachelorette parties. Phone lines at some of the region's other famous producers were out of commission, including Whitehall Lane Winery and Martinelli Winery.

William Hill Estate Winery: The charred remains of this winery's sign has been a symbol for the area's fires all week.

"The night before this, we had 60 miles per hour winds, which is the reason why you have such devastation here", Crum said. Its focus was ensuring employees were safe. And fine-wine production isn't all that's at risk.

The region's scenic wine country-beloved by tourists-is being ravaged. By contrast, the same fruit from the Napa Valley usually costs closer to $US7000 a ton, and can sell for as much as $US50,000.

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"We got our grapes in last week but others still have grapes hanging", he said. "It's the face of the California wine industry".

State fire officials said two people have died in a blaze in Napa and a 10th person was killed in Mendocino County. Sourced from various media outlets and social media posts, here are vineyards and wineries that have sustained damage to date.

Firefighters rushed to a state home for the severely disabled when flames reached one side of the center's sprawling campus in the historic Sonoma County town of Glen Ellen. As the SF Chronicle reports, that person became trapped in a vehicle as they tried to flee the Cascade Fire, north of Collins Lake, which now stands at 11,500 acres and is 15 percent contained.

"It could have a real, long-lasting impact for everybody up there". Crying, Lien Mai, a Coffey Park resident whose home was destroyed, told the New York Times.

"We just had to run and run".

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