Nintendo Just Registered A New Game Boy Trademark In Japan

Nintendo Just Registered A New Game Boy Trademark In Japan

Nintendo Just Registered A New Game Boy Trademark In Japan

Now that we have the NES Classic Mini and the SNES Classic Mini, a trademark has appeared in Japan which suggests the next console being used to test the Nintendo Shrink Ray could be the original Game Boy. However, a recent tweet by a Japanese licensing and trademark bot has set off rumours that Nintendo is exploring possibilities of either bringing back the GameBoy or revitalising it for a new generation of players.

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If Nintendo does take the Classic Edition route with the Game Boy, hopefully it doesn't miniaturize it like it did with other consoles. Have you picked up a SNES Classic? Though its games would arguably be easier to emulate than those of the Nintendo 64, it'd be hard to create a miniature Game Boy that's affordable and true to the original and include a screen.

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Super NES Classic Edition had a pretty successful first month since it was sold out in most of the biggest online stores in just a few days. Perhaps it's thinking about giving the Game Boy the same Classic treatment? However we suppose it's also an indication that Nintendo is doing something right. Furthermore, not all games may work properly, especially since it was not officially released by Nintendo.

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