Supreme Court dismisses one of two travel ban cases

Supreme Court dismisses one of two travel ban cases

Supreme Court dismisses one of two travel ban cases

The Supreme Court on Tuesday dismissed one of two cases over President Donald Trump's ban on visitors from mostly Muslim countries, suggesting it will step away from the controversy for now. The ruling is a victory for the Trump administration, which had asked the court to drop the case after Trump signed a proclamation September 24 that replaced the temporary travel ban on six nations with a new, indefinite ban affecting eight countries.

The court did not act, however, on a separate and broader injunction in a related case brought by the state of Hawaii. That dispute concerns both the travel ban and a separate ban on refugees, which does not expire until 24 October.

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One day after Trump issued his proclamation, the Supreme Court removed the travel-ban cases, which had been scheduled for oral argument on October 10, from its argument calendar.

This means that the justices could also dismiss that case, but even if they do, they are probably not done with the issues at the heart of both cases - whether the Trump administration's restrictions on entry into the United States violate the Constitution or exceed the president's authority. The refugee ban itself does not expire until 24th of this month.

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Hawaii is seeking a nationwide order against the ban that removes Sudan from the list of affected countries and adds Chad and North Korea, along with several officials from the government of Venezuela.

The Supreme Court in June agreed to take up the two cases and allowed the travel ban, which had been blocked by lower courts, to go into effect with certain changes. Trump explained that the federal government had, as directed in the March 6 order, evaluated the procedures that it used to vet travelers to the United States. The American Civil Liberties Union, the state of Hawaii and other immigrants' rights groups have filed new suits to challenge Trump's latest travel ban, which has no time limit.

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