Tim Cook doesn't 'give a rats' about being first to AR glasses

Tim Cook doesn't 'give a rats' about being first to AR glasses

Tim Cook doesn't 'give a rats' about being first to AR glasses

Macron's office said the two didn't discuss past tax disputes, but Cook accepted that fiscal laws worldwide are shifting toward making companies pay tax where money is actually earned.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has been talking up augmented reality for the past year, but don't take that to mean that Apple will launch a dedicated AR product anytime soon.

According to MacRumors, there were speculations about Apple working on a pair of AR smart glasses and had experimented with many prototypes. Although it now has an AR platform to build on, Cook's comments show Apple's still taking the same steady approach to evolving augmented reality hardware. In an interview with The Independent, Cook said that now "the technology itself doesn't exist" to make augmented reality glasses "in a quality way".

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The leader of the world's most valuable company told The Independent that the technologies required to develop smart glasses aren't yet good enough. "The field of view, the quality of the display itself, it's not there yet", he said.

Google tried it with the Glass, but we never saw a commercial rollout of the same. "Nor do I think the vast majority of people would be satisfied". While he stopped short of dismissing AR smart glasses altogether, he said Apple will wait until the technology's able to support a satisfactory experience.

In an interview with the British newspaper The Independent, Cook compared the arrival of ARKit to when the App Store first arrived in 2008.

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All that said, it's extremely likely that Apple is in fact researching the feasibility of AR powered glasses, but it may not ever be something Apple ever releases. Some such as the IKEA app, let you stand in your living room and place furniture around you at scale to give you an idea how it would look. Cook adds that he doesn't think "anything will be untouched" by AR as the technology evolves and matures.

"The way that you get lots of great ideas is for us to do the heavy lifting of the complexity of locational things and software, and put those in the operating system", says Cook. "We want to be best" Speaking in an interview with Vogue, Cook said this remains unrealistic and would require compromises Apple's not willing to make.

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