UEFA Nations League is announced

UEFA Nations League is announced

UEFA Nations League is announced

The major change, however, is that the final four places will be decided via play-offs between the winners of the 16 Nations League groups in 2018. The UEFA Nations League Finals competition for the teams that win the four groups within the top division is scheduled for June 2019.

League B contains the likes of 2018 World Cup hosts Russian Federation and Sweden, Denmark, Ireland and Northern Ireland; all of whom are in the playoffs for the World Cup.

The Nations League sees the 55 European national teams divided into four groups dependant on their rankings, with the top 12 going into League A.

The competition, which UEFA says will replace most worldwide friendlies, will be played in September, October and November 2018, with a group stage draw scheduled for next January.

Leagues A and B will each comprise four groups of three teams.

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Country coefficients and the recently concluded World Cup qualifying helped determine which nations would be drawn into the four different leagues - A, B, C, D.

Teams in three-sided groups will play on four of the six matchdays.

There will also be promotion and relegation in the competition between the leagues and one team from each of the four leagues will be guaranteed a place at Euro 2020.

The north Atlantic islanders, who became the smallest nation by population to qualify for the World Cup finals on Monday, have been placed in League A along with the likes of world champions Germany, European champions Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Italy, France and England.

The top four-ranked League A teams that do not qualify for UEFA EURO 2020 will enter play-offs in March 2020, with one finals place on offer.

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In a similar format, the four group winners will advance to the semi-finals.

Teams will be split into four groups of four, with the four group winners promoted to League C for the 2020 edition. The four group winners will be promoted to League C for the 2020 edition.

There will be an extra chance to qualify for Euro 2020 through the Nations League.

The qualification for Euro 2020 will now now run from March to November 2019, with Dublin hosting the Group draw on 2 December 2018.

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