Zuckerberg announces $199 Oculus Go as "sweet spot" standalone headset

Zuckerberg announces $199 Oculus Go as

Zuckerberg announces $199 Oculus Go as "sweet spot" standalone headset

Mark Zuckerberg has announced a new virtual reality headset: Oculus Go, a cord-free device created to "bridge the gap" between powerful PC-connected headsets and portable mobile-powered ones.

More details on the Oculus Go are expected in early 2018. According to Zuckerberg, Oculus Go won't require a separate PC or mobile device.

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Oculus executive Hugo Barra described the headset as way to enable VR for everyday use. The pricing of the headset promises to perk up the ears of the still-nascent VR headset market, though. He even followed it with a bold goal proclamation of getting one billion people in VR. So, it has the same wide field of view as the Rift, but with significantly reduced glare.

There's also built-in spatial audio, so you really are getting nearly everything in one package here. Other features include a "fast-switch LCD" display with WQHD 2560X1440 resolution and an integrated spatial audio experience. There's also built-in cameras, which use computer vision tech to determine positional tracking. Today, we're learned the headsets are going to be in the developers' hands "next year", and will work with some new motion-tracked controllers.

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In terms of games and applications, it sounds like most of the stuff that already works on Gear VR also works on Oculus Go.

The Santa Cruz prototype was showcased at last years event, demonstrating Oculus' plans for a wireless high-end headset.

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