Lawmaker slams removal of flags from Russian diplomatic missions in US

Lawmaker slams removal of flags from Russian diplomatic missions in US

Lawmaker slams removal of flags from Russian diplomatic missions in US

Russia protested to the United States on October 11 over a claim that Russian flags were "stolen" from its vacated consulate in San Francisco, a charge immediately disputed by the U.S. State Department.

"The removal of the Russian flags from the Russian diplomatic facilities in the US is yet another destructive step in the diplomatic war that was unleashed by the administration of the previous US President, Barack Obama".

Russia's Foreign Ministry has issued a statement of protest after American authorities reportedly took down several Russian flags from a seized consulate in San Francisco.

"The Russian side will decide on retaliatory measures", Ms Zakharova said.

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"We demand the American authorities return our state symbols", the post said alongside pictures of a bare flagpole on top of the consulate building.

In December 2016, two Russian diplomatic properties in NY and Maryland used by Russian diplomats were closed by the Obama administration over accusations of alleged Russian hacking during the presidential election.

Washingon deliberately destroys relations with Moscow, the Russian Foreing Ministry stated on Thursday commenting on removal of Russian flags from Russian diplomatic missions in the U.S., reported Sputnik.

After Borisenko's statement, U.S. spokesman for Russian embassy Maria Olson "discoloration of relations does not serve interests of both sides". According to State Department representatives, the flags were lowered with due respect to be kept safely in the building.

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Russia vehemently opposed the USA move to take down its flags from its ceased diplomatic properties in San Francisco, Sputnik quoted the statement of the Russian embassy in Washington D.C.

"We demand an immediate end to the takeover of our property in the U.S., which is accompanied by offensive actions", Mr Antonov added.

Earlier on Thursday, the State Duma Council made a decision to postpone the parliamentary delegation's visit to the USA due to the present circumstances, the lower house of the Russian parliament said.

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