Oh, deer! Arby's will serve venison sandwiches nationwide

Oh, deer! Arby's will serve venison sandwiches nationwide

Oh, deer! Arby's will serve venison sandwiches nationwide

Burgers and sandwiches built around unique meats are nothing new.

Arby's dared to go where no restaurant chain had gone before when it launched a limited-edition Venison Sandwich in five select hunting-centric states a year ago.

Don't expect supplies to last long when the Venison Sandwich returns on October 21, though.

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The nationwide rollout comes after Arby's first sold it in 17 locations - majority located in popular deer-hunting hot spots like Wisconsin, Tennessee and rural Pennsylvania - last fall. "On October 21, we want hunters and meat enthusiasts across the country to visit their local Arby's and enjoy this fantastic sandwich".

Last year, the sandwich was only available at 17 locations across the country. "They are expected to go quickly", the chain adds.

"If people are interested in trying the sandwich, the only way to guarantee they can get one is to get there when we open or a little before and make sure they are in line, just like folks a year ago", Taylor said.

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"We took a look at what hunters and wild game enthusiasts love to talk about eating and elk was something that kept popping up, and we said, 'this is another great tasting game meat we think our guests would enjoy it, '" he said. "It's a flawless example of the level of innovation coming from our teams and our commitment to creating experiences that guests can only get at Arby's". Arby's next experiment is elk sandwiches, avalable later this month in Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana.

After releasing the sandwich-made with thick-cut venison steak, topped with crisped onions and a juniper berry sauce, and served on a toasted roll-to coincide with the start of hunting season past year, Arby's received an overwhelmingly positive response from customers. And if I or someone else at PhillyVoice are able to snag a Venison Sandwich on October 21 (not guaranteed), you can expect a follow-up review article. The sandwich has a tender elk steak topped with blackberry port steak sauce and crispy onions.

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