Ominous email: 'In the event of a nuclear attack'

Ominous email: 'In the event of a nuclear attack'

Ominous email: 'In the event of a nuclear attack'

So much for not wanting to create panic: the state-run University of Hawaii has sent its students, faculty, and staff an email that tells them what to do in the event of a nuclear attack.

In a meeting with Morozov, North Korea said it was preparing a fresh missile test in a retaliatory move against the United States after President Donald Trump said at a U.N. General Assembly meeting in September that Washington may have to "totally destroy" North Korea if further provocations force it to defend itself or its allies.

It went on to say state and federal agencies are now providing information about potential nuclear threats and advising what to do should a nuclear attack and resulting radiation emergency occurs.

Every time North Korea fires a missile, the regime gets one step closer to reaching the Hawaiian Islands.

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In addition to the missile tests, it has conducted six nuclear tests since 2006, including the most powerful one on September 3. The Pentagon also declined to comment specifically on reports of the potential breach , but spokesman Col.

The distance from North Korea to Hawaii.

Other news reports suggest North Korea plans to test a long-range missile.

He said at the least, he should have worded it, "In the event of an unlikely nuclear attack". Officials believe there would be up to 15,000 casualties.

Bloomberg reported Wednesday that a local South Korea daily newspaper, the Asia Business Daily, spoke with sources who said North Korea plans to launch "multiple short-range rockets" October 18.

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Investigators have found 200 incidents of Paddock moving through the city, and at no time was he with anyone else, Lombardo said. Earlier it was reported that Jesus Campos had come to Paddock's room amid the shooting , thus stopping his deadly gunfire.

In July, Hawaii became the first state to announce a public campaign urging those living there to prepare for a nuclear attack.

The new sanctions include restrictions on the sale to North Korea of oil products and crude oil.

The decision was taken in accordance with the resolution of the United Nations security Council on 11 September, according to the website of the EU Council.

North Korea is also facing strong sanctions from the US and firm condemnation from the worldwide community in the wake of repeated missile launches and nuclear tests.

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