American hostage Caitlan Coleman, family rescued in Pakistan after years of captivity

American hostage Caitlan Coleman, family rescued in Pakistan after years of captivity

American hostage Caitlan Coleman, family rescued in Pakistan after years of captivity

Coleman was pregnant at the time and they are now back free with three children, having given birth during the captivity.

Caitlan Coleman, Joshua Boyle and their children as seen in this video released by the Taliban in 2016.

The release of Caitlan Coleman, her husband and three children reportedly took place after USA officials provided new intelligence on the family's location to Pakistan's government. The family remains in an undisclosed, but safe, location in Pakistan, according to U.S. officials, after Boyle refused to board a United States transport plane over concerns about his background.

"The last words Boyle said he heard from the kidnappers were, 'kill the hostages, '" the Star reported.

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A couple freed from militant captivity in Pakistan were on a flight to London on Friday, a Pakistani military source said. Canadian officials have said his kidnapping was likely unrelated to his ex-wife's family ties, and friends have said Boyle was a pacifist, raised Mennonite, who became involved with the Khadr family because of his interest in human rights issues.

Boyle was once married to Zaynab Khadr, the older sister of former Guantanamo Bay detainee Omar Khadr and the daughter of a late senior al-Qaida financier, according to The Associated Press.

"Pak Army recovered five Western hostages including one Canadian, his USA national wife and their three children from terrorist custody", an army statement said.

The communiqué said that the operation by Pakistani forces, based on actionable intelligence from USA authorities, was successful.

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The Toronto Star reported that in a phone call to his parents after his release, Mr Boyle said the family had been in the boot of the kidnappers' auto when Pakistani forces rescued them.

The Haqqani network has been accused of masterminding several high-profile terrorist attacks in the Afghan capital and have been known to kidnap Western hostages and smuggle them across the border into Pakistan.

Thursday's statement from the Pakistani army was the first mention of a third child.

"They were captured by terrorists from Afghanistan in 2012 and kept as hostages there", the ISPR said.

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Through the years, videos and letters trickled out from their captors: Coleman and Boyle begging for freedom and for "money, power and friends" for the Haqqani network holding them prisoner. After the release of the family, they emphasized the importance of co-operation and intelligence sharing by Washington, which has threatened to cut military aid and other punitive measures against Pakistan.

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