Court Reinstates Ezekiel Elliott's 6-Game Suspension

Court Reinstates Ezekiel Elliott's 6-Game Suspension

Court Reinstates Ezekiel Elliott's 6-Game Suspension

Bad news for the Dallas Cowboys. a federal appeals court has ruled Ezekiel Elliott's 6-game suspension is back on.

Last year's National Football League rushing leader as a rookie, Elliott's legal team filed the lawsuit on his behalf in the Eastern District of Texas before Henderson had rejected the appeal.

Photo Ezekiel Elliott during the Cowboys' win over the Arizona Cardinals on September 25.

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The NFL previously prevailed at the appellate level in cases involving Adrian Peterson and Tom Brady in which the NFLPA challenged disciplinary measures and scored victories at the district court level. "As there was no final decision, Elliott had not yet exhausted the contracted-for remedies".

"The District Court, therefore, lacked subject matter jurisdiction when it issued the preliminary injunction".

What does this mean for Elliott? The Columbus, Ohio city prosecutor's office cleared Elliott of any charges, citing misleading and inconsistent information from the accuser, Elliott's ex-girlfriend Tiffany Thompson.

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Elliott was not present at that hearing. The 5th Circuit decision says that Elliott and the NFLPA filed their lawsuit prematurely, and without exhausting the process outlined in the league's collective bargaining agreement, when they didn't wait for arbitrator Harold Henderson's decision on the appeal. "So this is not over yet, particularly with the bye week, that Elliott will not serve the suspension". This recommendation was not passed on to Goodell and, according to the suit, hindered the commissioner's ability to do his job. Elliott will have to get another injunction in NY in order to keep playing this season.

The league won the "Deflategate" decision in the NY court, leading to New England quarterback Tom Brady serving his four-game suspension a year after it was originally imposed.

A federal judge in Texas issued an injunction that blocked the suspension last month.

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