The Evil Within 2 Launch Trailer Is Suitably Gruesome

The Evil Within 2 Launch Trailer Is Suitably Gruesome

The Evil Within 2 Launch Trailer Is Suitably Gruesome

The Evil Within 2 again stars tortured detective Sebastian Castellanos, who delves back into the twisted virtual world of the first game on a new, very personal mission...

The Evil Within 2 is a lot creepier in looks alone than its predecessor.

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Shinji Mikami brings The Evil Within 2 to the next level with stunning environments, and eerie foreboding around every corner. If you're looking for a lengthy and frightening adventure this Halloween season, look no farther than The Evil Within 2. Locked in STEM, a system that allows multiple people to experience the dream-like worlds and memories, Castellanos must rescue his daughter before some of the baddies also in STEM cause it to fall apart. To make matters worse, Sebastian's guilt over failing his daughter seems to be having its own terrifying effect on the world.

One of the year's most-anticipated horror games hits our shelves and digital storefronts today -cannily enough, on Friday the 13th, with the release of Bethesda and Tango Gameworks' The Evil Within 2.

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Bethesda has released the official launch trailer for The Evil Within 2, and the scenes in the trailer will give you nightmares.

Of course, Sebastian isn't alone in STEM - the world is being controlled and corrupted by the psychotic photographer Stephano, and fiery zealot, Theodore.

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As always, I'm sure videos on day one and beyond will show how buggy or complete the game is and whether it has significant gameplay elements or not.

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