Uranus, Orionids to light up weekend sky

Uranus, Orionids to light up weekend sky

Uranus, Orionids to light up weekend sky

The Orionid meteor shower will peak early in the morning Saturday October 21.

A waxing crescent moon lends the celestial stage this week to the Orionid meteor shower - a wash of rock and ice shed from the venerable Halley's Comet.

The Orionids are meteors that originate from the dust left behind by Halley's Comet.

This is the most famous comet on the astronomical calendar because it's visible to the naked eye and also because it can be seen twice in a human lifetime thanks to its appearance in our skies every 74 to 79 years.

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Tomorrow you might spot some incredible meteor action - but you'll have to get up earlyWhere is the best place in the United Kingdom to watch the Orionid meteor shower?

NASA estimates that at the event's peak on Friday night, viewers will be able to see as many as 20 streaks of light flying through the sky per hour.

The shooting stars are created by debris from Halley's Comet.

Falling Orionids will be visible to the naked eye from nearly anywhere in the country, but the shooting stars will be much easier to see if you're away from town and city lights.

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"The Orionids are known to be fast and on the faint side, but can sometimes surprise you with an exceptionally bright meteor that might break up into fragments", Byrd wrote in her blog. Orion is the namesake because the meteors appear to radiate from north of Betelgeuse, one of the constellation's most well-known stars.

On October 19there will be a new moon, which means if you can get away from city lights it will be very dark. We first enter the "stream" at the beginning of October and we don't leave it until the beginning of November, making our chances of "catching a falling star" even greater! He predicted the best viewing for the Northern Hemisphere will be after midnight Friday. However, meteors with the brightest, longest trails will be visible away from the radiant point.

With mostly clear skies, Reynolds said he's seen meteors almost every night for the last two weeks.

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