A Harry Potter Version of Pokemon GO is Coming Next Year!

A Harry Potter Version of Pokemon GO is Coming Next Year!

A Harry Potter Version of Pokemon GO is Coming Next Year!

The only thing we can hope is somehow Niantic works with J.K. Rowling on this app, and sets up a sorting hat situation to determine your "teams" via houses, rather than just choosing what team you're on, like in 'Pokemon Go'.

Wizards Unite, which will be released next year, will look to tap into the franchise's massive and dedicated fan base to launch with the same hype as Pokémon GO.

US Senate Dems Introduce Legislation to Ban Assault Weapons After Texas Shooting
Authorities have said a dozen of the rifles used by the suspect, 64-year-old Stephen Paddock, had been modified with bump stocks. Nearly two dozen Democrats in the Senate have slapped their name on a bill aimed at banning assault weapons and bump stocks.

Yesterday we found out that Niantic, the developers of Pokemon Go, are collaborating with Warner Bros. and Portkey Games to release a Harry Potter AR game next year.

Despite previously denying that it had any plans to make a Harry Potter AR game, Niantic has partnered with Warner Bros. More details will be revealed in 2018.

Apple tax dodges mentioned in Paradise Papers
Apple said in a written statement to the ICIJ that the "changes we made did not reduce our tax payments in any country". Senate subcommittee found in 2013 that Apple had avoided tens of billions of dollars in taxes by using overseas havens.

Niantic says the game will leverage the full stack of its platform while giving it the opportunity to create new technology and gameplay mechanics. "By exploring real-world neighborhoods and cities across the globe, players will go on adventures, learn and cast spells, discover mysterious artifacts, and encounter legendary beasts and iconic characters". That's why it's such big news that the company has announced the hit game's successor. Interactive Entertainment. "It is wonderful to have Niantic's remarkable augmented reality expertise as we develop this incredibly rich wizarding world for players to explore in their everyday lives".

Now you can really have breakfast at Tiffany's
According to a press release, the café's menu uses regionally-sourced ingredients, and will change seasonally. Breakfast is a flat $29 per person and $39 at lunch - both including a starter and main course.

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