Venus Jupiter conjunction: Here is What the Celestial Event Means

Venus Jupiter conjunction: Here is What the Celestial Event Means

Venus Jupiter conjunction: Here is What the Celestial Event Means

The two planets, which are about 416 million miles apart in the solar system, are due to rise within 0.3 degrees of each other and will "snuggle" close to each other in the morning.

For context, this is approximately half the diameter of the moon.

Observers will have to have an uninterrupted view to the south-east as the planets will be very low in the sky.

Clouds should be clearing by Monday, but it might still be too cloudy for a clear view of the planets. The two planets will be positioned right next to each other in the sky, with Jupiter sitting slightly higher up than Venus.

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People residing in the United Kingdom will be able to watch the conjunction foor a good one hour as Venus will rise at 5:56 AM and Jupitar at 5:58 AM. However, it needs a clear sky to watch the spectacle so the places witnessing unclear weather will truly miss the event.

Viewers in NY will see the Jupiter rise first at 5.26am, with Venus coming at 5.31am, according to

The phenomenon, known as the Venus-Jupiter conjunction, will happen just before sunrise on November 13 or November 14, depending on where you live in the world.

"The orbit of Venus is tipped just 3.4° with respect to Earth's, Jupiter even less at 1.3°".

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Unfortunately, the conjunction does not favour viewers in the Southern Hemisphere.

Both Venus and Jupiter will be visible to the naked eye, though a telescope of powerful pair of binoculars will give a clear view - if you are lucky, you might catch a glimpse of Jupiter's moons.

The conjunction will be best visible from the country side, away from the light and pollution from the city.

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