Apple readies fix for iPhone X that becomes unresponsive in the cold

Apple readies fix for iPhone X that becomes unresponsive in the cold

Apple readies fix for iPhone X that becomes unresponsive in the cold

Every time Apple release a new device, there always a few issues that affect early customers.

The problem does not appear to be limited to a particular region, or even a particular type of iPhone X. Apple has not issued a statement about the green line issue, but has been replacing handsets when affected users get in touch.

The line, which does not go away once it manifests itself, even after a full reboot, has been reported as appearing close to the edges of the screen.

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Apple's 2017 flagship, the iPhone X, has been suffering from a series of glitches since its launch.

The device is being aggressively trolled for its glitches since it costs more than $1,000 and therefore is expected by users to provide a flawless experience. One user says the issue is so bad for him that the cracking occurs even around 50 percent volume. That's a fairly low number considering how many devices have been activated already, but it's quite likely that we'll see more reports coming in over the coming days. Thus far, all reports have suggested the issue is with the earpiece speaker, and not the speaker at the bottom of the device. However, some users have been able to get their units replaced under warranty from their local Apple service centres and you should too, if you've been facing the same issue.

The issue was raised by a Reddit user on Thursday, and several other users chimed in, saying they've experienced something similar.

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It's hard to say at this point; we don't know if the issue is something which can be fixed with software, or if it's a hardware update that's required. The issue was noted a little while after the iPhone X was purchased and not right out of the box.

You can also contact Apple via online chat, e-mail, telephone, or even Twitter. Are you a techie who knows how to write?

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