Dramatic moment hero airport worker grabs smoking bag before explosion

Dramatic moment hero airport worker grabs smoking bag before explosion

Dramatic moment hero airport worker grabs smoking bag before explosion

Bag went and started smoking. The rescreen process caused a 2.5-hour delay through most of the airport, with the gate where the explosion occurred not resuming normal activity for about four hours.

The incident, which occurred at the Orlando airport late Friday afternoon and captured on video, shows TSA officer Ricardo Perez grabbing the smoking bag and placing it between two pillars in a fearless attempt to avert disaster.

This incredible CCTV footage shows the moment agent Ricardo Perez picked up the case and placed it between two pillars to absorb the blast if it exploded.

It is not clear who owned the bag.

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The TSA commended the agent, saying he ran the bag away even as panicked passengers "knocked over the queuing stanchions and dropped roller bags, creating loud banging sounds which were perceived as gunshots, further spreading panic throughout the airport". "And so I did what I had to do. So I live to do it again".

The TSA agent may have put himself in harm's way but feels no regrets for his actions.

He dropped the bag and bystanders mistook the noise caused by the commotion for gunfire, Brown said.

The incident did not pose any danger to people at the airport, the department's Twitter post said.

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Brown said in the letter that emergency staff tried to restore calm "but as everyone is aware, a few trying to communicate a message to this large of a mass is a daunting task".

Numerous flights were delayed due to the incident.

As per the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), lithium-ion or lithium metal batteries, usually used for cell phones, laptops and portable chargers, are only allowed to be brought on an airplane in a carry-on bag and must adhere to regulations on wattage and weight.

Lithium batteries have been known to explode before, and as of June, it was reported that there had been at least 17 lithium-ion related incidents on planes this year.

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