#EndorseThis: John Oliver Delivers Scathing Review Of Trump Year One

#EndorseThis: John Oliver Delivers Scathing Review Of Trump Year One

#EndorseThis: John Oliver Delivers Scathing Review Of Trump Year One

Oliver started by addressing a recent tweet from President Trump, which Trump sent as he wrapped up a trip to Asia last week.

Well aware that just the sound of POTUS's name now gives most citizens acid reflux, the Emmy-winning comedian felt it necessary to identify three dictator-like strategies Trump uses to employ his agenda. He undermined the media by crying "fake news" and governs by trolling.

Oliver then moved to explain Trump's second tactic, something he refers to a "whataboutism".

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Whatboutism - "changing the subject to someone else's perceived wrongdoing".

The first ad features Catheter Cowboy teaching Trump what "clean coal" is, after the president said that clean coal meant "they're taking out coal and going to clean it".

"Oliver added that the technique of whataboutism is actually an "old Soviet propaganda" tool", and noted that it is particularly unsafe because it "implies that all actions, regardless of context, share a moral equivalency, and, since no one is flawless, all criticism is hypocritical and everybody should do whatever they want.it is a depressingly effective tool". He also claimed that Trump is the "first troll ever elected president".

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"It is staggering how incoherent he is", says Oliver after reading a transcript. As Oliver put it: "If we keep going with this is level of discourse we are seriously and lastingly f***ed". Image via YouTube.comWhile his "Last Week Tonight" HBO show is on hiatus, the truth-telling cowboy ("Star Trek" supporting actor Thomas Kopache) will conclude by telling Trump: "If you're not enjoying this, there's no shame in quitting".

While the audience laughed at the host's jokes, Oliver then told his audience that he wanted to "pull back from the daily Trump-included chaos and take a look at the norms that his presidency has violated".

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