FBI Report Shows Increase in Hate Crimes for 2016

FBI Report Shows Increase in Hate Crimes for 2016

FBI Report Shows Increase in Hate Crimes for 2016

Analysis of the 6,063 single-bias incidents involving 7,509 victims revealed that 21 percent were prompted by religious bias, the second-highest motivation for offenders behind race or ethnicity.

The hate crimes recorded a year ago included nine murders and 24 rapes, the report said.

Black Americans were targeted in about half the 3,489 incidents based on race, ethnicity or ancestry, the report said, followed by whites who were targeted in 720. Over half of the religion-related offences were anti-Jewish, while a quarter were anti-Muslim, according to the data.

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Curry pushed back against common criticism that a hate crime law would police thought or speech. Sessions was personally involved in dispatching an experienced federal hate crimes lawyer, Christopher Perras, to prosecute Johnson's killer. That is a 4.6 increase from the year before, though 257 more law enforcement agencies contributed to the report in 2016 than in 2015.

Muslims and Jews were the most common targets in the USA, with anti-Muslim bias making up the second highest religious bias at 25 percent behind anti-Jewish bias, which accounted for about 55 percent, making Jews the most targeted group in the U.S.

After new Federal Bureau of Investigation statistics show an increase in hate crimes in Indiana, Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry called for a hate crime law in the state. Yet, of those same 124 incidents, 105 targeted transgender people, an increase of 44 percent from 2015. "Hate crimes demand priority due to their special impact". The FBI recorded nine murders and 24 rapes as hate crimes. In March, HRC joined 155 other civil and human rights organizations [ www.hrc.org/blog/156-civil-and-human-rights-groups-call-for-stronger-response-to-hate-incide ] in urging the Trump administration to more strongly respond to bias-motivated acts of violence and intimidation.

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There were 1,076 incidents involving lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender people, with nearly two-thirds of those targeting gay men.

"The Department of Justice is committed to ensuring that individuals can live without fear of being a victim of violent crime based on who they are, what they believe, or how they worship", Sessions said.

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