Surfer in Australia survives shark attack with an attack of his own

Surfer in Australia survives shark attack with an attack of his own

Surfer in Australia survives shark attack with an attack of his own

Charlie Fry, 25, was riding the waves at Avoca Beach - some 60 miles north of Sydney, New South Wales - when he was attacked today.

Dr Fry said he had been inspired by Mick Fanning, the champion Australian surfer who fought off a shark on live television while taking part in an global surfing competition in South Africa in 2015.

So when it happened, I was like, "Just do what Mick did, just punch it in the nose".

"I didn't really notice it at the time, because when you're surfing, all I was thinking was 'I'm about to die, ' and I was just. thinking about getting in (to shore) as fast as possible".

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A helicopter rescue service photographed what is said was most likely a bronze whaler shark nearby shortly afterwards.

'It was a nervous swim in. It kept coming at my board and I was kicking and screaming, ' Fanning said in the aftermath of the attack in 2015.

"It was just pure adrenaline, I genuinely thought I was going to die, like "you're about to be eaten alive by a shark", so everything slowed down, like "get on your board and surf".

Mr Fry was assessed by friends when they all reached the safety of dry land, who determined the bite was not bad enough to warrant an ambulance.

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He sustained scratches and puncture wounds, and was driven to hospital by his two friends who were both doctors as well.

A 25-year-old man is recovering in an Australian hospital after fighting off a shark on NSW's Central Coast.

Avoca Beach and North Avoca have been closed for 24 hours following the ordeal.

A BRIT doctor has told how he punched a "great white shark" that tried to rip his arm off during a surfing holiday in Australia.

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