These Black Friday shopping tips will come in handy

These Black Friday shopping tips will come in handy

These Black Friday shopping tips will come in handy

"Some of the would-be Black Friday specials are now offered in early November", said Connecticut Better Business Bureau spokesman Howard Schwartz in the release. Others will open Friday morning.

You won't be missing all that much at the malls as more well-known retailers than ever will be closing their brick-and-mortar stores all or most of Thanksgiving Day, with some opting to close on Black Friday as well.

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Black Friday is supposed to be a day when consumers are able to find merchandise at rock bottom prices.

Is the price really a good discount? This means many people have to spend their nights camping out on sidewalks to get to the good deals and many employees must spend their holiday night prepping for the influx of consumers. Our top 10 Black Friday shopping tips below will help you get the best deal on the items you want and keep frustration-and overspending-to a minimum. Make sure that the discount is not 20 percent off the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price, which is rarely the price merchants charge. Check your credit card rewards program for special points that could add up on Black Friday.

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Everything starts a little earlier than you may expect too, as the Black Friday offers actually begin on Wednesday 15th November and will last a fortnight, finally coming to an end on Wednesday 29th November, which is in the middle of Cyber Monday week incidentally. Before heading out to the mall or going online, it is helpful to make a list of what you need to buy and what you'd like to buy.

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Of those shopping, 66 percent said they're doing so to take advantage of deals and promotions retailers will offer, while 26 percent cited the tradition of shopping over Thanksgiving weekend and 23 percent said it's something to do over the holiday weekend. But, there are plenty of ways to indulge in the deals without subjecting your family to the headaches of a Black Friday spent in overcrowded department stores.

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