Mozilla drops Yahoo search for Google with new Firefox Quantum browser release

Mozilla drops Yahoo search for Google with new Firefox Quantum browser release

Mozilla drops Yahoo search for Google with new Firefox Quantum browser release

Firefox has remained based on an archaic architecture that offers noticeably limited performance next to its contemporaries.

OF NOTE: The iOS and Android versions of Firefox were also announced to get an update. Mozilla says that it wants to make Firefox the fastest browser on the planet for PCs and mobile devices, and it says that improvements are still on the way for the rest of 2017. The new engine has been parallelized and should be substantially faster, and Mozilla believes it can use its new Servo engine to enable capabilities like mixed-reality support far more easily than would've been possible in the old version.

On the Speedometer benchmark, the pre-Quantum Firefox release scored 45, compared with 70 for Firefox Quantum. "No other browser can do this", Mozilla claims. Firefox Quantum sports a brand new interface called Photon that Mozilla has created to cement the impression of a more responsive browser. Menus have been revised, there's a new unified search bar and the sidebar has been reorganised. This update has taken six months, but the results seem to be paying off.

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She did not name the lawmakers mentioned in her testimony, citing the non-disclosure agreements she wants to eliminate. Payouts to the victims were not financed by the people who engaged in sexual harassment but by taxpayers.

"When you open a new tab in Firefox, you'll now see three recommended stories from Pocket", said Nate from Pocket.

Mozilla released a test version of Firefox Quantum web browser in September in preparation for its upcoming official debut in November.

As Recode reported last year, there was a clause in the Mozilla deal that would have the potential Yahoo acquirer pay $375 million per year through 2019 if Mozilla didn't want to work with the buyer.

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Mozilla will hope the focus on speed will allow it to seize market share from Google and Microsoft. Do many of you now use Firefox? It's simple and sleek, and it gives Firefox users a new feel with its refreshed icons. The Pocket service is built right into the toolbar, for easy saving stuff for later.

This move makes Google Mozilla's default search engine in most of the world, with the exception of China, where the default is Baidu, and Russia, Turkey, Belarus and Kazakhstan, where Yandex is the default. If you've never used Firefox before, you'll be glad you tried it today. A purple veiled image on the privilege shows what mode you're in, and Firefox has following security on of course.

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