Clouds Possible For Friday Night's Leonid Meteor Shower Peak

Clouds Possible For Friday Night's Leonid Meteor Shower Peak

Clouds Possible For Friday Night's Leonid Meteor Shower Peak

Heads up to all the stargazers!

With winter fast approaching, there aren't many weekends left to enjoy the outdoors without a heavy coat and a warm cup of coffee, which is why you should start making plans right now to see the Leonid meteor shower this weekend.

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This year's set to be a fairly civilised affair, with a mere 10 to 15 per hour, as the Earth moves through the debris stream of the comet Tempel-Tuttle.

The annual Leonid meteor shower will peak between midnight Friday and dawn Saturday morning.

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This month's new moon happens to hit this weekend which is good because that means there will be that much less light pollution in the sky. So when you head out look east in order to get the best view.

Though the meteors have been intermittently swooping across the sky since early November, the greatest number will fall this weekend with an optimal rate of up to 20 an hour, said Allen.

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Because meteors become visible when they reach about 30 degrees from their radiant point, the Leonid celestial shower will appear sky-wide instead of from the direction of Leo, said Allen. In past years, the annual meteor shower has provided some of the most stunning celestial views in history, and although this year's isn't expected to be quite as magical, the conditions are flawless for a great view of the event. The last reported meteor storm from this shower was in 2001 Friday morning will be the best day to see the Leonids here in North Carolina due to clear skies.

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