FCC Announces Plan to Repeal Net Neutrality

FCC Announces Plan to Repeal Net Neutrality

FCC Announces Plan to Repeal Net Neutrality

In an interview with NPR's Morning Edition, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai says his plan to remove net neutrality rules is a way of bringing the Internet back to how it was in the 1990s. Although the FCC's two Democrats said they will oppose the proposal, the repeal is likely to prevail as Republicans dominate 3-2.

The head of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission unveiled plans on Tuesday to repeal landmark 2015 rules that prohibited internet service providers from impeding consumer access to web content in a move that promises to recast the digital landscape.

He said the 2015 rule had "depressed investment in building and expanding broadband networks and deterred innovation". "Until the FCC made a decision to save us from ourselves by invoking Great Depression era regulations designed for Ma Bell".

None such deals have transpired that we know of, the point is that they will be legal if the new repeal goes through, while they are illegal under current net neutrality regulations.

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Soon after, the FCC used the rules to investigate and propose fines for cell phone providers such as Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile for offering popular unlimited data plans that offer free streaming at a lower cost. "The most-hated and worst-rated companies will be free to block, throttle and discriminate against your speech on the internet if Trump's FCC chairman gets his way", Wood said.

"It's a very odd line of business for the federal agency to be involved in", he said. And that could be made more hard with the end of net neutrality. Such disclosure will make it easier for another agency, the Federal Trade Commission, to act against internet service providers that fail to disclose such conduct to consumers, Pai said. "That's a much more rational way of handling these issues". Interested users who wish to voice support for net neutrality or its repeal should contact their local representatives and the FCC. Pai unveiled a "Restoring Internet Freedom" order to be voted on at the FCC's December 14 meeting, scrapping a hotly contest rule that barred broadband firms from shutting out rival services or creating online "fast" and "slow" lanes. A final revision will be released today and voted on next month. "Now, the FCC appears poised for a much-needed return to the approach that fostered so many years of internet openness and innovation". "That's something I think was sorely lacking in the past administration".

Under my proposal, the federal government will stop micromanaging the Internet.

Abandoning decades of prudent, bipartisan regulatory restraint, the Wheeler FCC took the draconian step of dragging broadband access services into the morass of common carriage regulation, imposing a new conduct standard that effectively gave the FCC a blank check to shut down innovative new ISP services that consumers want based on little more than speculative concerns.

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Ajit Pai is clearly still working for Verizon, not the public. Currently, over 62 million do not have access to fast internet, mostly in urban centers and rural areas.

We all have a powerful reason to hold accountable those who would steal Americans' identities and assault the public's right to be heard in government rulemaking.

The consumer impact of a net neutrality repeal is fairly straightforward, in that users may find it more hard to access the content they want to view it, or may be forced to pay more to access certain content.

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