Google Celebrates 50 Years of Kids Coding Languages With an Interactive Doodle

Google Celebrates 50 Years of Kids Coding Languages With an Interactive Doodle

Google Celebrates 50 Years of Kids Coding Languages With an Interactive Doodle

Keeping with the tradition of commemorating important dates and people, the doodle team over at Google today (December 4) is celebrating 50 years since children programming languages were introduced.

This adorable project was not an easy feat at all, while it is a collaboration of the Google Blockly team, Google Doodle team and the MIT Scratch researchers.

The post continues to include words from Champika Fernando, Scratch Team's director of communications, who explores the evolution of children's programming languages from the '80s through to present day.

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Google is celebrating the 50 anniversary of Logo, the world's first programming language designed for children, with a special doodle.

Scratch was developed at MIT and was created to be less intimidating than typical programming languages, but just as powerful and expressive. While working on the programming language, a little green turtle would move around and draw lines on a black screen.

If you don't think you or your kids need to learn coding, consider this statistic from 71 percent of all new jobs in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), but just 8 percent of all STEM graduates are in computer science.

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Logo is a basic programming language that teaches programming principles in a fun and easy way which makes it ideal for kids. Papert and his colleagues, had realised the potential of computer, way back then and had known that in some years it would evolve as an instrumental tool and would help children to learn new things.

Researchers from the MIT Scratch and the team of Google Blockly contributed to devise this addition.

Today's Google doodle is the first-ever coding doodle by "Coding for Carrots". With this doodle, she hopes that millions of people around the world can and will have their first experience with coding.

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If you know kids having fun with today's Doodle, encourage them to also try the new CS First activity built on Scratch where they can create your own Google logo!

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