Overwatch League skins won't be in loot boxes

Overwatch League skins won't be in loot boxes

Overwatch League skins won't be in loot boxes

Blizzcon came with many announcements and while the world of gamers steadily approaches and prepared for more gaming news, Overwatch is going to be making some changes to its interface to offer a more interactive and playable gameplay.

There are 12 Overwatch League teams based in several cities around the world, with each one looking to be crowned as the inaugural Overwatch League champions and take home a grand prize of $1 million. Blizzard, through a video by league commissioner Nate Nanzer, finally confirmed that fans who are looking to also dress up their heroes with Overmatch League team skins will be able to do so next year.

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When Overwatch League kicks off in early 2018, you'll be able to support your team by buying their representative skin.

Teams will have access to color themed skins in the gameplay which will make it easier to identify team members and be visually uniform as well.

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Overwatch League Commissioner Nate Nanzer has sent out a new video to let players know that a new currency called League Tokens will be introduced in 2018.

They will be used by the community to purchase the upcoming regional uniforms, jersey-styled skins, for all the participating twelve teams in the Overwatch League.

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These tokens can only be used on League related in-game content. He did not say, however, whether players will be able to unlock more tokens through MLG-calibre plays of their own, or if they will only be able to buy them. To mark the occasion, Blizzard will be giving free tokens to all players on all three platforms to purchase one Overwatch League skin in the first month after launch.

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