Resistance Update on Dec 5, Free Weekend From Dec 7-10

Resistance Update on Dec 5, Free Weekend From Dec 7-10

Resistance Update on Dec 5, Free Weekend From Dec 7-10

The PVP Skirmish mode, meanwhile, pits two teams of four agents against each other in a competition to get the highest kill count in timed matches. The West Side Pier is an industrial port in the northwest corner of the map dominated by a massive aircraft carrier, and it will play host to two new game modes.

The Division- Resistance

Moreover, while the update is a welcome treat for existing players, Ubisoft is also giving everyone else an opportunity to try The Division, as well as its new content, with a free weekend. In the PvE Resistance mode, different AI factions team up to battle the division agents. Enemies drop resources that can be used to either set up defenses or extend the battlefield, offering more tactical options to the players. Now it's this week, and Ubisoft says that it will in fact be out tomorrow, and that a free weekend will kick off a couple of days later.

India Services PMI contracts in November
The PMI scaled its highest level since April 2011 and was comfortably above the 50 mark that separates growth from contraction. She said that inflation fuelled by a weak pound would gradually fade, putting consumer spending on a firmer footing.

Ubisoft has just announced that "Resistance", Update 1.8 for Tom Clancy's The Division, is now available to everyone. Teams earn points each time a downed enemy player is eliminated.

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Each Roastery will supply Reserve stores and regular cafes with limited-edition coffees, special beverages, and other innovations. The new Starbucks ( NASDAQ:SBUX ) Reserve Roastery in Shanghai brings together two of the coffee chain's key growth drivers.

In addition, this update lets players upgrade their gear, tweaks the difficulty of the Underground DLC, and reworks how going Rogue in the Dark Zone works.

Google launches AndroidGo for 512 MB phones, Assistant for Jiophone
The company also showcased several upcoming features in the existing products, which will help the consumers in the country. There will also be a new set of lighter Google apps, including Google Go (for search) aimed at first time smartphone users.

Update 1.8 will be free for everybody who owns the game. The full patch notes provide a detailed breakdown of what's in store, or you can crash-course your way through it with this video. The game will also receive a free weekend, including the base game and all DLC, on every platform starting Thursday, Dec. 7 until Dec. 10.

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