Singapore Airlines reroutes flights over North Korean missile threat

Singapore Airlines reroutes flights over North Korean missile threat

Singapore Airlines reroutes flights over North Korean missile threat

The airline said that, following the July 27 missile launch into the Sea of Japan by Pyongyang, its Seoul to Los Angeles flight routes have been altered.

News of Singapore Airlines' change followed a crew on board a Cathay Pacific aircraft seeing a North Korean missile blow up over the Sea of Japan last week.

Korean Air pilots on two different planes also reported seeing flashes of light believed to have been the North Korean missile while flying over Japan, airline spokesman Cho Hyun-mook said. The decision comes after Pyongyang's continuous missile tests in the Sea of Japan disregarding global opposition.

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US officials told CNN that the re-entry vehicle likely failed during North Korea's most recent missile test, and the crew of a Cathay Pacific flight claims to have seen the missile explode during re-entry, although David Wright, a senior physicist with the Union of Concerned Scientists, suspects that the crew actually saw stage separation and second-stage ignition during the ascent.

Despite catching glimpses of the weapon-thought to be the deadliest missile in North Korea's arsenal-Cathay Pacific and Korean Air had not chosen to alter their routes as of Tuesday, according to a Bloomberg report. Korean Air hasn't specified how close its flight was to the missile. Prior to last week's ballistic missile launch, the US spotted North Korea's military making preparations. According to the report, the best chance the US has in intercepting a ballistic missile is when it is on, or leaving the launch pad.

"There are no current routes that fly through a unsafe zone", said an Asiana Airlines official.

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In the case of the latest launch of the Hwasong-15, which experts say can strike anywhere in the U.S. with a nuclear payload, North Korea used a mobile stand possibly to avoid detection, according to Panda.

It also claimed the missile is capable of hitting the entire USA mainland.

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