The Skirball Fire in LA Is Burning Down Rupert Murdoch's House

The Skirball Fire in LA Is Burning Down Rupert Murdoch's House

The Skirball Fire in LA Is Burning Down Rupert Murdoch's House

Eleven more houses had been damaged. The estate is located near the 405 freeway, which authorities have closed.

The dramatic Skirball fire, which erupted in Los Angeles early Wednesday, may have reached Rupert Murdoch's Bel-Air estate and has threatened other multimillion estates in nearby neighborhoods whose star residents include Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Aniston and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Murdoch's Moraga Bel Air winery issued a statement on Twitter Wednesday saying, "We are watching the situation unfold very carefully along with everyone else".

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Murdoch acquired the 13-acre property in 2013 for $28.8 million, according to Forbes. Murdoch and wife Jerry Hall occupy a 7,500-square-foot house on the property.

The Skirball fire has burned more than 150 acres as Santa Ana winds continue to create risky conditions.

Wildfires have been burning in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties since Monday evening.

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The Federal Emergency Management Agency said it approved grants to help cover the cost of emergency work for the Thomas Fire and two others.

President Trump tweeted his thanks to first responders while writing that thoughts and prayers were with everyone in the fire's path. I encourage everyone to heed the advice and orders of local and state officials.

Bloomberg reported that the property is within the current evacuation zone, and NBC is reporting that it has caught fire. The fire has burned more than 150 acres and destroyed at least six homes.

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