We are cutting red tape to defend democracy

We are cutting red tape to defend democracy

We are cutting red tape to defend democracy

Trump said the never-ending growth of red tape has come to a "sudden, screeching and attractive halt".

"By ending excessive regulation, we are defending democracy and draining the swamp".

Amit Narang, a regulatory policy advocate at Public Citizen's Congress Watch division, said in an email that Trump's move to require to offset the costs of any new regulation will delay needed public health protections.

Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs Administrator Neomi Rao told reporters later Thursday that while the deregulatory push has been "pretty impressive".

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"Today, President Trump made clear the progress his Administration is making in bringing common sense to regulations that hold back job creation and prosperity". Others listed as withdrawn are actually still being developed by federal agencies.

U.S. President Donald Trump uses gold scissors to cut a red tape tied between two stacks of papers representing the government regulations of the 1960s (L) and the regulations of today (R) after he spoke about his administration's efforts in deregulation in the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington, DC on December 14, 2017. "We are going to simplify, reduce, eliminate regulations".

"The latest unified agenda is a ideal illustration of the deeply harmful real-world impacts of Trump's deregulatory push", Narang said in the email.

"We're getting back below the 1960 level, and we'll be there fairly quickly", he added. "But they're all moving back (into our country)", he said.

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Still, the White House has now set a goal for 2018 of repealing three old regulations for every new regulation.

Trump said he wants to get under 1960 levels while still protecting workers' safety and the environment.

Regulatory advocates were quick to slam Trump, calling his deregulatory push "self-serving" and risky to Americans.

The event took place just after the Federal Communications Commission, in a 3-2 vote, repealed a rule of the previous Obama administration calling for "net neutrality", the principle that all internet providers treat all web traffic equally. "The never-ending red tape in America has come to a sudden, screeching, and lovely halt", he said. I don't think any Americans are nostalgic for burning rivers, haze you can't see through, exploding cars and cars with no seat belts.

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A number of deregulatory actions mapped out in the unified agenda have already been announced by Cabinet officials, including the Education's Department's plan to re-do two Obama-era rules aimed at protecting students from predatory for-profit colleges and the Environmental Protection Agency's plan to repeal the Obama-era water pollution rule known as Waters of the U.S. And the new regulations they're counting only include those deemed by the administration as economically significant.

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