Supreme Court sends case of racist juror back to Atlanta appeals court

Supreme Court sends case of racist juror back to Atlanta appeals court

Supreme Court sends case of racist juror back to Atlanta appeals court

In a 6-3 vote, the high court ordered the federal appeals court based in Atlanta to examine claims that a juror in the case of death-row inmate Keith Tharpe voted for the death sentence because Tharpe is black.

In a 6-3 ruling on Monday, the highest USA court decided that Keith Tharpe, who is black, deserves another chance to appeal his 1990 murder conviction.

The majority reasoned that, "Gattie's remarkable affidavit, which he never retracted, presents a strong factual basis for the argument that Tharpe's race affected Gattie's vote for a death verdict". But the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which declined even to hear Tharpe's appeal, needs to give it closer scrutiny, the Supreme Court said.

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Instead, he wrote, the decision "callously delays justice for Jaquelin Freeman, the black woman who was brutally murdered by Tharpe 27 years ago". Thomas said that Gattie's comments are disturbing, but the court's ruling will only prolong the inevitable, while further delaying justice for the victim and her family.

Previously, a state post-conviction court rejected Tharpe's petition, finding that he could not prove juror misconduct because Georgia law doesn't allow parties to impeach jury verdicts with post-trial testimony, and he did not raise the issue on direct appeal. "We look forward to pressing Mr. Tharpe's case in the Eleventh Circuit per the U.S. Supreme Court's direction". About a month later, Tharpe's wife was driving to work with her brother's wife when Tharpe used a truck to block them. Tharpe blocked their vehicle, dragged Freeman out and shot her three times with a shotgun.

Two members of Tharpe's jury were black, according to a dissent written by Justice Clarence Thomas and joined by Justices Samuel A. Alito, Jr. and Neil M. Gorsuch.

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Thomas said the court was swayed by the "odious" remarks in Gattie's statement, but should have focused on procedural problems with Tharpe's case and the lower court's determination that Tharpe's death sentence did not depend upon racist considerations by the jury. "Because this court should not be in the business of ceremonial handwringing, I respectfully dissent". Nearly nothing short of an admission that they hate black people and knew that this defendant was innocent but they railroaded them anyway is good enough to meet that standard.

Lower courts turned down Tharpe's appeals based on Gattie's statement, which he said had been taken after a long day of drinking. "But the court's decision is no profile in moral courage".

Georgia courts would not consider any evidence of potential racial bias and a U.S. District Court also refused to consider that evidence.

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