Apple admits to major security flaws

Apple admits to major security flaws

Apple admits to major security flaws

The Spectre flaw affects most modern processors, including Intel, AMD and those designed by ARM.

As Digital Shadows noted, with a price tag of many thousands of dollars, "Criminals do not need to use Meltdown and Spectre for their attacks if they can profit in other ways".

Considering the issues affect virtually all processors, your computer and smartphone are likely impacted.

Apple is scrambling to work-around a massive security flaw in a chip found on nearly every device.

Intel headquarters

Be careful what you are installing on your device.

"What is important to note with these flaws is they affect a vast range of devices regardless of the brand". This exploit is harder to achieve, but also harder to exploit.

"There are no known exploits impacting customers at this time", Apple said, echoing what other companies and security researchers have said.

Apple said it had already released "mitigations" against Meltdown in its latest iPhones and iPad operating system update - iOS 11.2 and the macOS 10.13.2 for its MacBooks and iMacs.

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"Therefore, we recommend that ESET users keep track of any related patches for their systems and apply them as soon as possible".

Apple plans to address the Spectre by "patching" Safari across its macOS and iOS platforms in the coming days as it considered that the Meltdown flaw had the most potential to be exploited. All other computers are actually better off without the fix because for them, the security update can trigger errors, including the Blue Screen of Death.

Google provides a helpful list of its products and services affected by the chip bugs, as well as their mitigation status. The researchers verified their findings on Intel chips dating back to 2011, and released their own proof-of-concept code to allow users to test their machines. To get all the protections, users are advised to install new patches from software and hardware makers as they arrive. Google released those changes to its Android partners last month.

Vendors were already well advanced in developing fixes for the vulnerabilities and may were released just a day after the news first broke. For example, in Google's Chrome browser on a computer, you can click on the three dots in the upper-right corner and click Update Google Chrome.

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CERT assured consumers that "operating system and some application updates mitigate these attacks". As tech website Cyberscoop reports, some computer security companies are scrambling to reconfigure their software so it works with Microsoft's update. It also began working with hardware and software manufacturers to help protect their users and the web.

"If you download the latest update from Microsoft, Apple, or Linux, then the problem is fixed for you and you don't have to worry", security researcher Rob Graham said in a blog post Thursday.

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