Asus ROG unveils latest gaming laptops, desktops, and more

Asus ROG unveils latest gaming laptops, desktops, and more

Asus ROG unveils latest gaming laptops, desktops, and more

The laptop itself features the logos for both SKT T1 and ASUS ROG, while the signature of League player Faker is featured on the keyboard's palm rest.

The Strix SKT T1 Hero isn't a slouch on the inside, though being aimed at MOBA enthusiasts, it doesn't necessarily have the best of the best in terms of hardware. The laptop runs on an Intel Core i7 processor and has a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card to properly display all the decorations and colorful animations of each game.

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Asus ROG Strix GL12 desktop, meanwhile, is designed specially for e-sports. It also includes an expansion bay and an easy-swap SSD tray to make system upgrades effortless. Powering the device is a factory-overclocked Core i7-7820HK processor which is up to 4.3 GHz from the factory, and GeForce GTX 1080 graphics with a maximum boost clock of 1974 MHz. On Jan. 8, ASUS unveiled the laptop's price-$1,700 when the laptop becomes available in 2018's first fiscal quarter.

The case design features a transparent side panel, and customizable lighting. ASUS appears to have cracked the problem with cunning light-bending trickery and the ASUS ROG Bezel-free kit. You can pick up the ROG G703 right now starting at $3499. Pricing and availability of the ROG Spotlight are now unknown at the time of writing. Check out the ROF Strix Flare, which is an RGB mechanical gaming keyboard outfitted with Cherry MX RGB switches.

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Aura Sync, as the name suggests, allows you to synchronize lighting effects with other peripherals that support the tech (keyboards, mice, headsets and more - see later in this story).

ASUS is also announcing an accessory to help eliminate the display gap when running multiple displays.

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All of the accessories will be available in the H1 2018, with pricing to come. First up is the ROG Aura Terminal, a four-channel addressable RGB controller that works with Aura Sync and the company's new ROG Halo technology.

Another lighting accessory, the ROG Spotlight projects a colour synced ROG logo onto a wall or surface. It looks like a small webcam and has a magnetic base for easy attachment to any metal surface.

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Dubbed the Bezel-free Kit, the surprisingly low-tech product relies not on complicated software or fancy gadgetry but rather a simply array of lenses connecting each monitor at an angle to create the illusion of a giant, seamless, curved display. Using light refraction, the monitor edges will disappear.

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