CES 2018: DISH to add support for Google Assistant

CES 2018: DISH to add support for Google Assistant

CES 2018: DISH to add support for Google Assistant

Google Assistant may have completely taken over the ongoing CES 2018 exhibition, powering not just a large number of "conventional" speakers and headphones unveiled in Las Vegas this week, but also a new trio of "smart displays".

Amazon is set to use CES 2018 to deliver commercial grade augmented-reality glasses with Amazon's Alexa voice assistant built in. And they need to do it before Amazon's smart speaker lead becomes unassailable and the Amazon Echo effect spreads into other products.

LG collaborators include Google and Alexa creator Amazon, according to the South Korea-based consumer electronics titan.

The two companies - and to a lesser extent, Apple, with Siri, and Microsoft, with Cortana - are waging a fierce struggle to establish their assistants as de facto standards for a new generation of voice-controlled devices.

Apple admits to major security flaws
Google provides a helpful list of its products and services affected by the chip bugs, as well as their mitigation status. To get all the protections, users are advised to install new patches from software and hardware makers as they arrive.

The tie-up marks the latest step in Amazon's onward march to attain global domination via the device by integrating it within all aspects of consumers' lives, with the assistant first emerging on select Toyota and Lexus models this prior to a wider fleet roll out in 2019.

While Alexa is yet to be offered in Australia, it is coming in the first quarter of this year. It allows users to do video calls with Google Duo, provides YouTube video access, and manages all connected devices in the home.

The service will also enable new features in the cars themselves, such the ability to start the engine remotely or lock the auto doors, by giving a command through another Alexa device in the home or elsewhere.

"We have over one million actions available to users that [they] can now look up", a Google spokesman told the BBC.

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Instead, the Samsung device will feature a Super Speed Dual Pixel camera with a 12MP sensor and optical image stabilization. While the processor on the Samsung Galaxy S9 is known to be the Snapdragon 845 or Exynos 9810 SoC, the RAM is also out now.

In addition, Bloomberg's sources claim that Google is working on a strategy to let consumers buy products and services using Google Assistant.

Google is anxious that Alexa could threaten Google Assistant in overall market share. Google is the closest direct competitor, and no other company is even in the game.

Some have wondered whether Microsoft's Cortana helper faces defeat now that Alexa is being added to PCs made by Acer, Asus and HP.

It has baked Bixby into TVs, fridges and smartphones among other products - and those are the only places you'll find it.

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But his biggest party was saved for when the 6-year-old finally left the hospital and returned home Thursday. CBS News reports Duncan is the one who found Ryland in the church after the shooting.

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