Come to table and assist in fight against terrorism: USA to Pakistan

Come to table and assist in fight against terrorism: USA to Pakistan

Come to table and assist in fight against terrorism: USA to Pakistan

Pakistan's move comes as the USA - now fighting its war on terror in Afghanistan - suspended military aid to Islamabad, accusing it of harboring terrorists who attack foreign troops in Afghanistan.

"A day earlier, Pakistan's Defense Minister Khurram Dastgir Khan said there is "... a wide field of intelligence cooperation and defense cooperation, which we have suspended".

Pakistan has suspended military and Intelligence cooperation with the United States in the wake of US President Donald Trump's allegations against the country, Khan said. "We're hopeful that Pakistan will come back to the table and do what they told us that they would do", he said.

"Pakistan has not run out of options but it should take more steps if the US keeps on taking action against Pakistan", he added.

Ijaz Awan, a retired major general in the Pakistani military, argued that the USA has pursued a policy of "coercion" towards Pakistan and that the approach of pressure tactics will be counterproductive.

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Under pressure from the United States, Pakistan on Wednesday played the victim card, claiming that India is "distracting" it from counter-terrorism efforts.

Days after the controversial tweet, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley announced that Washington would withhold 255 million U.S. dollars in assistance to Pakistan from the Foreign Military Financing (FMF) fund, which is used to provide military equipment and training to friendly countries.

But statements from senior US officials indicate that despite these limitations, the administration is serious in its stance that Pakistan needs to change its behavior.

The already tense relations between the USA and Pakistan further deteriorated after Donald Trump wrote on Twitter on January 1, that Pakistan "gives safe haven to the terrorists we hunt in Afghanistan, with little help".

Although it is still not clear how much aid has been stopped, Mr Olson said the decision could affect about $1.3 billion worth of annual aid.

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Pakistan says the United States is scapegoating it for USA failures in Afghanistan.

Last week's announcement that $900 million for Pakistan in Coalition Support Funds would be frozen came just days after Trump tweeted criticism of the US for "foolishly" giving military aid to Pakistan despite the country giving "save haven" to terrorists at the start of the New Year.

Pakistan blocked the US & NATO troop supply route for months after a 2011 attack by NATO air force accidentally hit two Pakistani check posts, killing more than two dozen Pakistani soldiers.

Pakistani leaders had shown restraint but the Defence Minister's statement could be seen as an indication of growing tension, Xinhua news agency reported. "Security funding and pending deliveries will be frozen, but not cancelled or reprogrammed at this time".

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