Eric Clapton Reveals That He Is Going Deaf

Eric Clapton Reveals That He Is Going Deaf

Eric Clapton Reveals That He Is Going Deaf

Eric Clapton is going deaf, the guitarist said in a recent interview on BBC Radio 2. While the issue can be age-related or caused by ear injury, it can also be caused by noise-induced hearing loss.

"Life in 12 Bars" follows the life of the 72-year-old British guitarist from childhood to worldwide stardom, through his struggle with drugs and alcohol and the 1991 death of his four-year-old son.

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One of the greatest guitarists in music history just revealed he's going deaf. "I am going to do a show at Hyde Park [British Summer Time Festival] in July", Eric explained. "I understand that is part of it since it truly is unbelievable to myself personally I am here" Clapton is the way from the only stone protagonist afflicted with migraines.

Eric Clapton and Academy-Award winning director Lili Fini Zanuck last night attended the UK Premiere of Eric Clapton: Life in 12 Bars, the definitive documentary about the legendary blues musician. "The only thing I'm concerned with now is being in my 70s and being able to be proficient", he tells Wright, via People.

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I am talking about, I hope individuals should come across and watch me more than I'm a fascination. The film offers an intimate profile of Eric's life, including his traumatic childhood, his rise to rock stardom, his struggles with drug and alcohol abuse and the tragic 1991 death of his young son Connor. "It's tough to take a seat because it belongs so long about the tricky part of my own life", he says of the film. It's like a redemption concept. "If you're going to go and see it, be prepared for a heavy ride".

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