PADDINGTON 2 Leaves the House for the Big House

PADDINGTON 2 Leaves the House for the Big House

PADDINGTON 2 Leaves the House for the Big House

Reuniting numerous original film's cast while welcoming those in new roles, PADDINGTON 2 stars Golden Globe nominee Hugh Bonneville (DOWNTON ABBEY), Oscar nominee Sally Hawkins (BLUE JASMINE), three-time Golden Globe nominee Brendan Gleeson (THE GUARD, INTO THE STORM, IN BRUGES), Oscar nominee Julie Walters (BILLY ELLIOT, EDUCATING RITA), Oscar victor Jim Broadbent (IRIS), and Oscar victor Peter Capaldi (short, FRANZ KAFKA'S IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE), with Golden Globe and BAFTA Award victor Hugh Grant (FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL), and BAFTA victor Ben Whishaw (THE HOLLOW CROWN) as THE VOICE of Paddington. There is always a short supply of family films that are equally appealing to kids of different ages and their parents, which is perhaps one reason why "Paddington 2" has earned such universal praise. It's terribly expensive so the bear takes on odd jobs and isn't really successful at a lot of them.

Paddington (named after the railway station where he was found) is unfailingly kind, polite and optimistic, and his great heart has made him beloved of (almost) everyone in his diverse urban neighborhood. While Paddington gets used to bedtime with no story, Mrs. After all, we never really know whether it's safe to leave the theater, or whether we need to stick around until the final credit rolls. In a wonderfully realized sequence, Paddington imagines his aunt arriving on a pop-up paper boat in the pages of the book itself, and him on the docks there to greet her.

Paddington 2 is sweet without being diabetic and endearing without being manipulative.

His new family is made up of nice people: Father Henry Brown (Hugh Bonneville), mother Mary Brown (Sally Hawkins), his brother Jonathan Brown (Samuel Joslin), and Sister Judy Brown (Madeleine Harris).

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There is no way to know when the physical sets stop and the VFX shots begin; and even smaller things such as a scene seamlessly shifting from a jungle to a prison cell is done without cuts - it's quite an astonishing visual achievement but is done so fluidly King makes it look easy. Brown (Sally Hawkins), who is given a bigger role in this film than the last.

This time, Paddington, all settled in with the Brown family, is looking for a flawless gift for his Aunt Lucy's birthday.

Paddington spreads marmalade ever where he goes and this time he's using it to hunt the flawless present and catch a caper. He does make friends with tough guy Knuckles McGinty (Brendan Gleeson), the safe-cracking cook when they bond over a love of marmalade sandwiches. The diversity Hugh Grant shows is fantastic. The backgrounds and sets are detailed with a (dare I say it) nearly steampunk edge to the design that gives Paddington's world a hint of magic.

All in all, "Paddington 2" has a warmth and wit that's missing from many a children's movie.

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But unfortunately, unbeknownst to Paddington, there is someone else who has been eyeing the book.

In Paddington 2 even the bad guy (whose identity is best left for you to discover) is courteous and charming rather than the stereotypical mustache twirling villain with a master plan you see in kids' films.

"Paddington 2" is a winsome confection.

Has Hugh Grant changed at all since making Notting Hill? So much so, that you won't want the movie to end. Paddington 2 refuses to accept this technique of screenplay but brings nothing new to contemplate on the table as well. Yes, this is a big sprawling live-action cartoon about a bear, but it's also a story about how the little acts of kindness that anyone can do add up to something bigger and make the world a better place. But the mix-up still sends Paddington to the joint, a disconcerting fate for those of us who'd assumed this curious but dim-witted bear was legally a minor.

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