President Trump seeks to expand underwater drilling in California waters

President Trump seeks to expand underwater drilling in California waters

President Trump seeks to expand underwater drilling in California waters

Last April, Governor Brown, Governor Kate Brown and Governor Jay Inslee issued a joint statement in response to a planned presidential executive order to revise offshore oil and gas leasing in federal waters.

The Administration of Donald Trump announced a plan to expand, in federal waters, the areas designated for the exploitation of gas and oil in California and other states of the country such as Georgia and Maine. Currently, 98% of the OCS is off limits. "This is an opportunity to open up more of those areas to supply growing demand".

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke said in a statement the proposal could increase federal revenue by $15 billion.

"We have to explore new technologies for wind and wave power and remove obstacles that stand in the way of clean energy", Tittel said. Many have vowed to fight the plan, calling it a threat to the environment and the economy alike. "We need to know the facts before we allow deep water drilling to continue".

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Jeff Duncan, who in 2014 said "the Palmetto State is well suited to benefit from an energy boom", last week called the plan "tremendous news for American energy independence, economic development, and job creation".

Two south Louisiana congressmen, one former and one current, applauded a proposed federal five-year plan for drilling that would open vast new areas of the Gulf, the Atlantic and the Pacific to energy exploration and production. "Are you going to build a subsea pipeline?" an oil and gas industry source said. And by expanding the threat of drilling to almost all United States waters, this administration faces a tsunami of opposition from businesses, local leaders and activists on all our coasts. A Public Policy Institute 2017 survey found support for drilling here at an all-time low of 25 percent. "It's inevitable that there will be an oil spill". Nelson has long maintained that oil rigs being "too close" to Florida's shoreline could impact the state's tourism-driven economy and military training areas in the eastern Gulf of Mexico.

Though Gov. Rick Scott, Nelson's likely opponent in this year's election, also has come out in opposition to drilling off Florida's coast - as have nearly all of Florida's congressional delegation including Republican U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz, one of Trump's biggest supporters - Nelson on Friday staked out the opposition ground as his.

Democratic governors in the West blasted the plan.

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At the same time, opportunities in US onshore shale fields, where production can be started up and shut down quickly, is competing for drillers' dollars, said McNabb, who also served on Trump's council of corporate advisers.

Not everyone sees it that way. "This decision could bring unprecedented access to America's extensive offshore oil and gas resources and allows us to better compete with other oil-rich nations". "People don't want that, and business owners don't that, fisherman don't want that, and so there's really a large and bipartisan opposition to drilling for oil in these biologically rich waters". Faust added that any intentions to do off-shore drilling along the coast of California were just efforts of grandstanding by the Trump administration. That's especially true in the Gulf of Mexico, where existing infrastructure makes transportation relatively cheap.

The incoming governor's wife, Tammy, said the damage from an oil spill would be far worse than the $1 billion hit New Jersey's beaches took from the medical waste episodes.

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