Salvadorans, the Temporary Protected Status program

Salvadorans, the Temporary Protected Status program

Salvadorans, the Temporary Protected Status program

That's because the Trump administration revoked their temporary protected immigration status - or TPS - which was granted after a devastating quake 17 years ago and has been renewed by every president until this one.

Previous administrations extended TPS because they understood that faithful execution of the law would do enormous damage to the larger interests of the US, including securing a stable and peaceful hemisphere and protecting human rights. Speak out. Call Congress. Salvadoran TPS recipients deserve a pathway to citizenship, instead of threatened deportation. The Trump administration has taken a hard line on the policy, saying it never was meant to offer immigrants permanent residency.

The introduction of Coffman's legislation comes after the Trump administration announced earlier this week that it would end the TPS designation for more than 200,000 immigrants from El Salvador who have lived in the USA since at least 2001. At the Pentagon, nearly 40 percent of workers were Latino, many of whom came from Central America, according to a 2002 article on The Washington Post.

Under the Trump administration the Department of Homeland Security has announced the end of TPS for immigrants from El Salvador Haiti Sudan and Nicaragua but extended it for immigrants from South Sudan. And this year the agency will decide whether

The decision has alarmed Salvadoran immigrants, many of whom have lived for years in the United States and fear returning to a homeland that frequently features among the world's most violent nations.

Painters President Kenneth Rigmaiden, who put together a coalition of five unions, plus the AFL-CIO, in the $1 million Working Families United campaign to protect the TPS card-holders, said his union started its own education campaign on January 8 among members on the Dreamers, TPS card-holders, the wage theft both groups suffer, and how to protect themselves. This will subject more than 200,000 immigrants to deportation if they can not find another way to adjust their status. During and after that war, hundreds of thousands of Salvadorans came to the United States, many crossing the border illegally and others overstaying their visas. "Sending these families back to a situation of extreme violence and poverty - it's awful to put children in that position".

"There is certainly going to be enough momentum that there is going to be very fast growth", said Jorge Orellana, who oversees Contacto Tu Call Center in San Salvador where 250 employees service USA insurance, emergency and finance firms.

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"We knew we weren't going to get mercy from this administration, and we've been preparing, but it still hurts", Vanessa said. They've heard a very clear articulation of things that could happen that would fundamentally alter their lives, and for the worse.

The costs of the administration's policy are clear. We will not work with federal authorities to deport law-abiding New Yorkers. We will not take breadwinners away from families who have no one else. The mayor and the plan's supporters didn't view this as some act of compassion but a strategy born of necessity - a win-win for new arrivals and an aging East Coast city that needed a spark of energy and productivity that comes with an influx of immigrants.

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Abbott says we also need to be careful in how we understand the "temporary" aspect of this program. Allowing Salvadorans to stay in the United States and send money home ensured that a larger share of the reconstruction burden would be borne by Salvadorans, not by foreign aid paid by American taxpayers. It is home to over 30,000.

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