Suburban Elementary School Student Allowed To Receive Medical Marijuana Treatment At School

Suburban Elementary School Student Allowed To Receive Medical Marijuana Treatment At School

Suburban Elementary School Student Allowed To Receive Medical Marijuana Treatment At School

The chemotherapy treatments led the girl to develop a seizure disorder and epilepsy. The family argues in the lawsuit filed Wednesday in federal court that the state's medical marijuana law denies the child due process and violates the federally-mandated Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The commitment made to Judge John Blakey on Friday came two days after the student's parents sued Schaumburg-based District 54 and the state for the girl's right to take medical marijuana at school.

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The lawsuit notes her physicians have certified her to receive medical marijuana to treat the epilepsy. "We have to fight for her right to go to school, her right to have medicine there, just like the next kid has insulin and an Epipen and Tylenol". While Illinois' medical marijuana program exempts patients from state prosecution, it says they can't use the drug at schools.

Glink said that the IL case is somewhat analogous to a situation in Colorado, where a public school student successfully lobbied the state legislature to amend Colorado's medical marijuana law to permit its use in states school. Superintendent Andy DuRoss says the district will abide by the law.

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Friday's decision to allow the girl to take medicinal cannabis at school, is an agreement between District 54 and the attorney general. In Colorado, where voters authorized medical marijuana in 2000, lawmakers let schools allow the drug for medical use, but no schools did so initially. The measure was called Jack's Law, for Jack Splitt, a 15-year-old with cerebral palsy who died that year, after the law was passed.

Lawyers for the school district and Attorney General's Office are expected to meet back in court next week to work on a longer-term approval plan for Ashley and the school.

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"We fundamentally believe your right to medication should never have to conflict with your right to an education", Springer said. The child suffers from seizures following a battle with leukemia. The Surin's said Ashley has improved dramatically since she has been getting the medical marijuana treatments. "It's to keep them alive and healthy".

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