Verizon Waives Fees For Subscribers Headed To The Winter Olympics

Verizon Waives Fees For Subscribers Headed To The Winter Olympics

Verizon Waives Fees For Subscribers Headed To The Winter Olympics

UK Sport has acknowledged the "Theatre of Jeopardy" in challenging Great Britain to claim its biggest medal haul in Winter Olympics history at the Pyeongchang 2018 Games next month. Not only will this be the first time that any Winter Olympics has been captured in VR, but it will also be the first time that Olympic programming in VR will be streamed live in the US across a plethora of devices and platforms. Unfortunately, that means a new paid subscription will be required for those who don't already have one, but that may turn out to be worth it. The VR content will include the opening and closing ceremonies, behind-the-scene interviews, and all-time favorite events like ski jumping, snowboarding, figure skating, ice hockey, and curling. During the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, NBC partnered with Samsung to offer VR content but that programming was made available the day after.

The VR experience is enabled by Intel® True VR technology, which uses multiple camera pods at each event to create interactive 360-degree virtual reality environments. Making events available live will only help the usage.

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Among those missing are several elderly and a 12-year-old girl is also understood to be unaccounted for. It wasn't immediately clear how much of her sprawling estate was affected by the mudslides .

However, the total installed base of VR headsets is relatively small, which could limit the effect of NBC's VR broadcasts on Winter Olympics viewership.

A team of researchers, led by Daniel Scott, a geography professor at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, came to that conclusion by taking climate data from previous Winter Games locations and applying climate-change models to predict future winter weather conditions.

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When multi-emote launches, you will be able to choose which emote you have equipped to each of your four emote slots. The upcoming Crimson Days event (beginning on February 13th) will see the beginning of these changes.

The Paralympic target is for at least seven medals, compared to six in Sochi. Official confirmation from the International Olympic Committee is yet to be received.

Germany, Norway and Canada are expected to finish atop the medals table at the upcoming 2018 Winter Olympics, according to a forecast issued Wednesday.

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Clinton won 48.5 percent of the vote in the 7th District versus 47.1 percent for Trump. "It's so pathetic", Pelosi said. Apparently, though, some gatherings where one race is predominant is more equal than others.

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