All the Nintendo Direct Mini news and announcements

All the Nintendo Direct Mini news and announcements

All the Nintendo Direct Mini news and announcements

Well, Nintendo answered the internet this morning with a Nintendo Direct Mini containing a litany of announcements, headlined by the reveal that Dark Souls Remastered and Mario Tennis Aces are coming to the Switch this year.

Dark Souls Remastered is coming to Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC, but when will you be able to play it? This is considered by many Souls fans to be the best expansion in the entire series and is certainly a nice bonus addition for players.

Dark Souls rewards and encourages obsession, and it's had plenty of super expensive merchandise before now.

Price Waterhouse gets 2-year ban in Satyam case
The order related to a fraud that took place almost a decade ago in which it played no part and had no knowledge of, it said. PwC has already announced that it is seeking a stay of the order before it becomes effective.

An upcoming remastered version of Dark Souls was recently confirmed during Nintendo's mini-Direct yesterday.

The new version will be arriving on May 25 and will be compatible with new generation consoles, as well as PC.

The game will launch sometime in Spring 2018 and will feature a twist on gameplay that will challenge players to become experts in reading their opponents next shot. There's going to be a story mode and various tennis-based missions, which makes this a little different from the usual Mario Tennis offering. If the portability and flexibility of the Switch is enabling some people to dive into hardcore games for the first time in years, then Dark Souls is probably still very new to those consumer. It is not yet clear how the game plans to take advantage of the features of the Switch, but more news is expected to be unveiled once the remaster nears its release.

Spartak Moscow embroiled in fresh racism storm after Twitter post
Brazilian striker Hulk said in July 2015 that he encountered racism in "almost every game" while playing for Zenit St Petersburg . Russia, billed to host the FIFA World Cup in June has a long history of racial prejudices and intolerance.

Pokken Tournament DX will get updated with some new DLC characters and you can purchase the Deluxe Battle Pack paid DLC as it is now available and will be released in two waves.

NPD has yet to share an official press release on the sales of consoles and games during the month of December 2016. Keep your eyes locked to TiX, and you may see some Dark Souls content in the leading up to the launch of Dark Souls: Remastered. Dark Souls theorist VaatiVidya had claimed that this new port would be using engine assets from Dark Souls 3 and would contain HDR lighting and some PS4 Pro enhancements.

The president said WHAT?
Durbin also said that several of his Republican colleagues at the meeting were not pleased with the president's words. President Donald Trump on Friday for reportedly using vulgar language to describe Haiti and countries in Africa .

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