Florida monkeys are excreting an infectious disease fatal to humans

Florida monkeys are excreting an infectious disease fatal to humans

Florida monkeys are excreting an infectious disease fatal to humans

Roaming monkeys in Florida are being removed by the state's wildlife managers because of the growing fear that they are excreting a virus that can be risky to humans.

Feral rhesus macaque monkeys in a Florida state park carry a herpes simplex virus which may be harmful to humans, as per a different study.

Wiley also said there has yet to be a documented case of herpes B in humans from a wild monkey encounter anywhere in the world. Yet the researchers have not scrutinized this issue in depth. The researchers behind the study are warning Florida's wildlife agency to treat the monkeys as a serious health concern.

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State wildlife officials reiterated that they have their prime concern over this issue. "Human visitors to the park are most likely to be exposed", wrote the study's authors, "through contact with saliva from macaque bites and scratches or from contact with virus shed through urine and feces".

The rhesus macaque is native to Asia, but were brought to Florida in the 1930s in an attempt to boost tourism during the height of the popularity of Tarzan movies.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission did not expand on what particular administration strategies the state may utilize, however a rep said the commission underpins freeing the condition of the obtrusive animals.

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While herpes B is relatively common - and asymptomatic - among macaques and other animals, it's exceedingly rare - and severe - in humans. It is unknown how much of the virus is in the saliva and bodily fluids of the Florida monkeys, and if the virus can indeed be transferred to humans through contact. However, the members of the band support removing these reptiles out of the surroundings to lower the hazard they present, told the Associated Press.

Macaques were introduced to the Sunshine State's Silver Springs State Park as a tourist attraction nearly 100 years ago. The monkeys also have roamed far outside the park: Dozens were photographed recently swarming a deer feeder outside a home in Ocala. Still, he said, while the research confirms the presence of the virus in the monkeys' bodily secretions, more work needs to be done to establish how much virus there is, and how easily transferable it is.

"They didn't know monkeys could swim", O'Lenick said. A rhesus monkey on the loose in Pinellas County for more than two years was caught in October 2012. They draw people to the state's parks and have become notorious for their interactions with humans.

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"We don't have any silver bullet; that's the nature of science", Wisely said.

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