Interim president at University of Rochester has immediate task

Interim president at University of Rochester has immediate task

Interim president at University of Rochester has immediate task

White's report examined how the University handled a set of complaints filed by current and former members of the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences about the behavior of Florian Jaeger, a professor in the department.

Kidd, who's now an assistant professor at the university, claims that Jaeger would constantly comment on her looks, pester her about her sex life and brag about his penis size and how many students he slept with.

"It is clear to me that the best interests of the University are best served with new leadership, and a fresh perspective to focus on healing our campus and moving us forward in a spirit of cooperation and unity", Seligman said.

Pollak also said he felt that White missed the point in saying that professors involved in the federal complaints were not retaliated against because their careers progressed.

The president of the University of Rochester is resigning.

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The news came following the release of the independent investigation report into the University's response to allegations of sexual harassment by a professor at the University.

"The University's investigations relating to Jaeger in 2016 were conducted in good faith, impartially, professionally and in accordance with UR Policy 106", the report states.

While recommending that the University "take a number of bold steps" to improve its policies, White said investigators found Rochester had largely followed its policies as they were written at the time of the allegations and agreed that none of the allegations violated sexual harassment laws.

Florian Jaeger, a research professor at the upstate NY university's cognitive sciences department, made national headlines last year after allegations arose that he had for years harassed and engaged in sexual relationships with his students.

Eight faculty members and a graduate student previous year filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, saying the university mishandled complaints against Jaeger and retaliated against them for bringing the professor's behavior to light.

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"I think Professor Jaeger paid attention to what those policies allow and did not allow", White said at a press conference on Thursday, where she emphasized that legally, she did not believe his actions met the definition of sexual harassment.

"We have systematically promoted the complainants, we have supported them in receiving awards, we have given them pay increases".

Lattimore Hall at the River Campus of the University of Rochester.


"Set the bar, and set it high", she said.

"We can not in good conscience encourage our students to pursue educational or employment opportunities at the University of Rochester", the November letter stated.

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The board of trustees said it had "many serious decisions to make in the days ahead". "Your investigation is structurally unable to get evidence from the main actors in the stories you are trying to reconstruct", the complainants' lawyer, Ann Olivarius, wrote to White in November.

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