Trump to Extend Iran Sanctions Relief, Keeping Obama-Era Deal Intact

Trump to Extend Iran Sanctions Relief, Keeping Obama-Era Deal Intact

Trump to Extend Iran Sanctions Relief, Keeping Obama-Era Deal Intact

Tehran has accused Washington of having "crossed all behavioral red lines of the global community", by targeting judiciary chief Sadegh Amoli Larijani.

"In 2015, the Obama administration foolishly traded away strong multilateral sanctions to get its weak nuclear deal", the President said.

Also on Friday, the USA imposed separate sanctions against 14 Iranian individuals and entities it accuses of rights abuses, censorship and support for weapons proliferators.

New US legislation on Iran "must demand that Iran allow immediate inspections at all sites requested by global inspectors", Trump said in a statement released by the White House.

Mr Trump has argued behind the scenes that the nuclear deal makes the United States look weak, a senior U.S. official said.

"They should join us in constraining Iran's missile development and stopping its proliferation of missiles, especially to Yemen", he said.

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Wang says continuing to implement nuclear deal was responsibility of all parties concerned and common wish of the worldwide community.

This latest statement is a response to Trump's move Friday to sign a waiver extending the deal for another 90 days, which he referred to as a "last chance" to fix "disastrous flaws" in the agreement.

The US Congress requires the president to decide periodically whether to certify Iran's compliance with the deal and issue a waiver to allow US sanctions to remain suspended.

The statement was made in the wake of US President Donald Trump's announcement on January 12 of his decision to waive sanctions on Iran as required by the JCPOA, also known as the Iran nuclear deal.

While approving the waiver on US sanctions related to the nuclear deal, Washington announced other sanctions against 14 Iranian entities and people, including judiciary head Ayatollah Sadeq Larijani, a close ally of Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Trump has argued behind the scenes that the nuclear deal makes the United States look weak, a senior USA official said.

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United States regulations require the president to endorse JCPOA every 90 days and extend waivers of economic sanctions against Iran every 120 days. JCPOA is not renegotiable: "rather than repeating exhausted rhetoric, United States must bring itself into full compliance -just like Iran", Zarif said on his social Twitter account.

He cited what he said were efforts by Tehran to obtain nuclear weapons, develop ballistic missiles, and support terrorist organizations, as well as what he called regional aggression, and "the cruel repression of Iranian citizens".

"This is the last time he'll issue waivers unless they reach an agreement", senior White House officials said.

Trump and his top advisers have been negotiating with USA lawmakers on Capitol Hill to try to change sanctions legislation so that he does not face a deadline on whether to recertify Iranian compliance with the nuclear deal every 90 days. Trump is hoping to fix the sunset clause in the deal, which removes restrictions on Iran's nuclear programs by the end of 10 years, as well as make clear that Iran's nuclear and missile programs are "inseparable" and in need of restrictions.

The EU said in a statement it had taken note of Trump's decision and would assess its implications.

Russia, which is also a signatory to the JCPOA, said on Saturday the U.S. would be making a grave mistake by pulling out of Iran's nuclear deal and underlined Moscow's determination to keep the landmark accord intact.

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Diplomacy Works, a pressure group set up by former secretary of state John Kerry to defend the deal, was scathing.

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