Gboard's built-in GIF creator featuring Motion Stills is already live on iOS

Gboard's built-in GIF creator featuring Motion Stills is already live on iOS

Gboard's built-in GIF creator featuring Motion Stills is already live on iOS

Though this feature was available earlier, it was hidden behind the emoji button.

Gboard, Google's iOS and Android keyboard app, has quietly updated its design by moving its GIF-making button up next to the word suggestion bar. Now, with this update, accessing the GIF button has become more convenient. The placement of the button not only makes it convenient but also accessible to make and send the GIF files.

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After installing as an addition to the original app, you will find that the functions and features are nearly the same with the integrated search and gesture typing.

The new GIF making feature lets users record their own GIFs with their phone's cameras - both front and rear camera. Bring up the keyboard and, before you type anything, hit the GIF icon in the Gboard menu bar above your keyboard. It is however missing one-handed mode, GIF search and stickers, but this is a worthwhile sacrifice as according to Android Police, their source stated that it uses under 40 MB of RAM, compared to 70 MB in the regular app.

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When you are done recording the video and the app has converted it into a GIF, you will be able to copy and paste it into your message and forward it to anyone you want. On iOS, this built-in GIF creator feature is already live and widely rolling out as of this weekend. However, it appears that Android users will have to separately download the Motion Stills app.

Google has introduced a new series of "Go" apps that are designed exclusively for lighter and low-power devices. The app is now available for Android 8.1 devices.

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Among the best features Google ever brought on its revamped keyboard app - Gboard - is support for emojis and Graphics Interchange Format (or GIFs in simpler terms).

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