German nurse who enjoyed 'resuscitating patients' charged with 97 murders — Niels Hoegel

German nurse who enjoyed 'resuscitating patients' charged with 97 murders — Niels Hoegel

German nurse who enjoyed 'resuscitating patients' charged with 97 murders — Niels Hoegel

The nurse, Niels Hoegel, was already serving a life sentence for murdering six patients.

The case gained much publicity and prompted a woman to the police with concerns that her mother may have died at the hands of Hoegel, who admitted to inducing heart failure among his patients, claiming he enjoyed the feeling of resuscitating them and admitting that he acted out of "boredom," The Straits Times said.

In February 2015, Niels Hoegel was jailed for life after killing two patients who were in intensive care at a hospital in Delmenhorst near Bremen.

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He then later told investigators he had killed while working in nearby Oldenburg.

It wasn't immediately clear when a new trial at the state court in Oldenburg might start. However, it is likely to challenge his likelihood of parole, which generally is considered after 15 years for prisoners serving a life sentence.

On Monday, Oldenburg prosecutors said they had charged him with 97 additional murders on top of the six he has been convicted of, while saying toxicology tests did not find conclusive proof in three more cases.

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He is accused of giving victims various non-prescribed drugs in an attempt to show off his resuscitation skills to colleagues and fight off boredom. Adding that the accused 'in all cases at least accepted the death of the patients as a result of the effect of the drugs'.

As part of initial investigations, over 130 bodies were exhumed from 67 cemeteries while detectives reviewed more than 500 patient files and hundreds of hospital records.

There are now separate investigations to determine whether other staff and employees of the hospitals Hoegel worked out should be considered culpable for at least some of the murders.

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He said: "If the people responsible at the time, particularly at the Oldenburg clinic but also later in Delmenhorst, hadn't hesitated to alert authorities - for example police, prosecutors".

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